Many have asked “ where do you find all of your junk?” To tell you the truth it’s in many different places. Just like you I am a Yard Sale Junkie! I have bought something and thought it was old only to get home and found the “made in China” sticker-lol. On the other hand, I have found the hidden treasure. I have become more picky in my purchases. Looking for more of the unusual and unique items. There seems to be tons of estate companies ( & and a few auctions( around. I also have the garage sale app on my phone.

Using the mapping abilities has been a plus. My secret though, have fun! One of my funnest memories is a crazy truck load from Idaho. One of my most favorite buddies was with me, Amanda. We went to a couple of stops. What I didn’t tell her was that we were going to also pick up a couple of goats and chickens for my husband. We ended up strapping down a whole load of junk. Had goats in two dog carriers. And a container of chickens! We seriously looked like the Clampets going down the road. I told her I was going to get her on the top in a rocking chair with a shotgunn! Don’t be the people that are crazy intense and going fist to cuffs. Your golden nugget is waiting for you to find it or make it.