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A few years ago now my husband saw me and a sweet friend, Amanda painting in my garage. He said, “you are really enjoying this?” It was a question. I had just completed a fairly stressful but rewarding job. My heart was full and yet broken. Painting was all new. It was a form of expression. The way that the new colors on the tired and worn furniture transformed each piece was exciting. I found myself dreaming about the way each one would look. The other thing that made me happy was to think about the one who would take it home. My daughter began asking me several years ago when we were out yard sale shopping…”Mom, where are you going to put that?” So, as I shop & paint I think about that. Where will they put this? How will it go into their home? I want it to be loved & enjoyed. For this unique & rethought piece to truly receive it’s new life!
My sweet husband Randy. After asking that question decided to remodel a shop here on our farm. That is also where part of my business name comes from. We have now been married for 31 years. I have done everything from packed buckets of feed to watered every animal. Bucked bales of hay, which by the way was our very first date 🙂 At one time I was the Shepherdess of 1000 head of sheep. Watching over the flock as they lambed was one of my favorite tasks. I learned so much. Salvation is near to my heart & soul. I believe that Jesus is my Savior. Watching the transformation of so many items has been good for my soul.

Please won’t you be my Neighbor?

Have you ever owned a Shetland pony? Or tried to catch, halter, and manage one of those independent creatures?  At the age of 10 I was part of a local 4-H club and had a wonderful experience with my own pony named “Babe”.  We participated in several different meetings...

Notes from Me

Let your light shine. Be present with those whom you are with, they need you. Make sure to look yourself in the mirror today and tell yourself how beautiful that you are. Remember that you have 100% success rate up to today at making it! So as my Mama use to say...”...

Dirt Therapy

Life this spring has been pretty wet. Which has made things pretty muddy. I keep thinking about how nice and green it will be. My green thumb is anxiously awaiting the day when I can dig in the dirt. I know that some people need the beach. Some folks exercise for a...

Farmwife 101

I became Mom at 17yrs old and had three kids by the age of 21. All the while, I was also doing the chores on the farm while my husband traveled to livestock auctions being a broker near and far. Over the years we have had sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, chickens, horses,...

Open the Windows to Spring!

There is something so invigorating about opening a window on a spring day especially after a long winter. Even if, the day brings rain it has it’s own refreshing smells that we can enjoy. The days where the sun is shining and the birds are singing their songs tend to...


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