Have you ever owned a Shetland pony? Or tried to catch, halter, and manage one of those independent creatures?  At the age of 10 I was part of a local 4-H club and had a wonderful experience with my own pony named “Babe”.  We participated in several different meetings and area competitions.  It was truly a highlight of my life.  Any girl that plays with horses enjoys the smell of their sweat.  I admired the other competitors that had full sized horses and fancy show clothes.  It didn’t matter to me though I was there.
Getting there took some hard work.  Maybe not what you would assume.  You see, that darling little pony had to be tricked into the stall. Then there was the issue of loading. She absolutely refused.  But, there were these two dedicated 4-H leaders that faithfully showed up.  They loaded my ornery little pony and watched over me on show weekend.  They planted the seed of “being a good neighbor.”  They displayed acts of kindness to me as a child when I needed it.
Making investments is an important decision each of have in our life.  The obvious financial opportunity to save for the future comes across our minds…. how much is enough? I want to ask you to make a decision to invest in people.   Choose to be a good neighbor.  Pick one small act each day.  Possibly, text a friend that you have meant to catch up with.  Once a week be intentional to reach out to a neighbor that lives close enough that you can “call them neighbor.”  Once a month reach be active in a community group or volunteer in some way.  Do something!
I shared part of this story recently and thanked one of those 4-H leaders. My home life was not safe or healthy.  Being involved with the 4-H Club was very good for me.  I had no idea if the adults knew what was going on in my home.  God Bless those individuals that take time out of their schedule to lead, coach, and mentor children.
Happy New Year